Effortless Spa Care Kit

Soft Soak® TRIO™ makes spa care simple. The pre-measured packets eliminate the guesswork and the easy step numbers let you know exactly when to add them.

This system works to:

  • Soften water
  • Clear water
  • Destroy impurities
  • Prevent scale
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Clean pipes and surfaces
TRIO was made for the spas that hold 350-450 gallons of water, which is the majority of spas in the market today. It is highly recommended for new spa owners.

Step 1: Create a base of softness at the start



Soft Soak® TRIO™ Enhancing Water Softener

  • Effective control of bacteria, using polymeric action that attracts contaminants
  • Non-staining, non-corrosive
  • Effective over wide pH range
  • No chlorine odor

Step 2: Keep water clear and soft weekly



Soft Soak® TRIO™ Weekly Softener & Clarifier

  • Non-chlorine oxidizers remove common contaminants that cloud water
  • Additional softeners boost the comfort level
  • Helps prevent corrosion and scale on surfaces

Step 3: Keep equipment at peak performance



Soft Soak® TRIO™ Restoring Spa Cleanser

  • Flushes the system after 3-month cycle
  • Removes built-up grime (lotion, body oil, make-up, hair-care products, dirt and debris)

Complement the system with your preferred sanitizer



Soft Soak® Brominating Granules

  • One-step, fast-dissolving brominating granules have no chlorine odor
  • Dual-acting as both a sanitizer and oxidizer, eliminates need for two products
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving needed
  • Apply directly to water while the pump is running


Soft Soak® Chlorinating Granules

  • Fast-acting, quick-dissolving
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving needed
  • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer; no need for two products
  • Apply directly to water while the pump is running